6 Must Have In Everyone Erotic Massage Toolkit

Erotic massage is sexy, seductive and soothing, but if not planned correctly can be a bit of bland vanilla rather than an overwhelming hot spice. To tease and tantalise your partner into the finest ecstasy, see what is the “must have” in everyone sexy erotic massage toolkit.

1. A Setting That’s Private


It might be obvious, but a setting that’s private is a must for an erotic massage. If there’s any risk of disturbance. Interruption will only undo the unwinding and sexy benefits the raunchy bodywork provides. Instead, why not wait until you are home alone so you can really make use of the space? Erotic massage can be performed just about anywhere, with most people opting for the bedroom or living area to get hot under the covers. The bathroom may also come in handy later!

2. Dark Coloured Sheets


As you can expected, massage oil is likely to go everywhere during an erotic massage. However, instead of worrying about staining the new cream sofa, why don’t not just put dark sheets down instead? Position them on your bed or couch as you await the arrival of your therapist. Most likely they not going to know any different. Also, prop up some cushions or pillows for your knees, this will provide you with more comfort while performing the massage.

3. Scented Candles


Bright lights are not suitable when it comes to an erotic massage. Turning on the ‘bright light’ is likely to make the one being massaged feel wide awake and energetic, not what you want when you’re trying to give a relaxing massage. If you don’t have dimmed lighting then don’t worry, candles can work all the same. The ambience and scent of scented of candle light helps to ooze the sensual passion around the room, just what you need when giving an erotic massage. A bonus tip is to opt for candles which are lavender, chamomile and jasmine fragranced – which all have relaxing and romance properties.

4. Massage oil


Stocking up on plenty of massage oil is a MUST for an erotic massage. To ensure your massage is second to none, do lather a generous amount on your partner’s body. Massage oil helps the strokes and slides to be effortless. Therefore being stingy on your oil amount is likely to make it a bumpy ride – not what you need when you are trying your best to be super sexy. Do make sure you drizzle more on the most intimate zones which is guaranteed to make the sensual levels reach much higher heights.

5. A super sexy playlist


If you really want to get the hairs standing up on your partners back, you need to organise a super sexy playlist, whether some soft RNB is your thing or something more old school tickles you and your partners fancy then do make sure you put some music on in the background. Avoid anything too upbeat though, as this is likely to make your partner more ready to dance than frisky. Also, do make sure you find a playlist which is going to last the entire duration of the erotic massage. The last thing you want to be doing is getting up to change the music when you’re trying your best to be romantic.

6. A hot shower or bath


And finally, the last part of your erotic massage toolkit, a hot shower or bath. Not only does that give you extra play time with your partner, but it’s also the perfect finale for a hot and steamy erotic massage. The warm water allows your partner’s muscles and mind to switch off, as well as cleansing you both after getting hot under the covers. For the finishing touches, do add lavender scented bubble bath which is guaranteed to make the relaxation go much further.
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