Five Top Benefits Of Body Massage


A good body massage reduces the level of stress for many common reasons - It is widely known that body massage reduces depression to a greater extent. Read More...

Outcall Spa Massage Agency Offers Various Services


Body massage services by leading Outcall spa Massage agency are good decision to improve your life and health. There are various options which are available for fitness and health, but Tantric massage services are one of the best.

6 Must Have In Everyone Erotic Massage Toolkit


Erotic massage is sexy, seductive and soothing, but if not planned correctly can be a bit of bland vanilla rather than an overwhelming hot spice. To tease and tantalise your partner into the finest ecstasy, see what is the “must have” in everyone
sexy erotic massage toolkit.

4 Reasons to invest in a massage while in Singapore


With all the hustle and bustle of life, one may tend to get all wound up and exhausted. There are different ways that people choose to relax after a long day, for instance, listening to music, taking a hot bath, or simply resting while watching a movie. While all these methods are effective, there exists one way that can actually get rid of the physical tension in one’s body. Getting a massage is this particular method since it does have more benefits as discussed below.

1.    You will get to relax Singapore is a beautiful city with a rich culture and a lot of places to go sightseeing and just have fun and hang out. While hanging out you may want to consider visiting a spa or a massage parlor and get a massage. This will make your trip so much better and worthwhile since you will get to relax and unwind. Getting a massage will take away all the stress and tension that you may be having and will thus enable you to be more present and refreshed as you move around the city.

2.    You get to try different types of massages There are different types of massages that one can try out, for instance, you may consider getting a Swedish, hot stone, or a Shiatsu massage. All of these are designed to offer the same effect of complete relaxation and peace to your body in addition to releasing tension in your muscles. While on your trip, however, you must invest in the
Full Body Massage and get to experience its absolutely amazing effects on your body. The tantric massage is a special type of massage that aims to increase your sensual awareness and excitation, thus leading you to experience waves of pleasure with every massage stroke.

3.    They are affordable Like many things in Singapore, massages are actually affordable and you, therefore, do not have to worry about breaking the bank in order to book an appointment for one. All you have to do is to check out service catalogs and reviews and get to identify the kind of services that various parlors offer. Doing this kind of research will enable you to see exactly what other people think of various places and know what kind of experience they had. This will eventually help you to select a place that meets all your needs at an affordable price.

4.    You will be able to work better
If you work or reside in Singapore, getting a massage will actually help you to be much more productive at your place of work and in your home. This is because once you are free from all tension and stress, you will be at a completely better state of mind and body to engage in all your responsibilities and activities efficiently and with ease. It will also put you in a less irritable mood since you will be happier and more relaxed. This will improve your relations and you will have better conversations and relationships.

No Time to Singapore Massage Parlor


For any of our clients that cannot get down to a massage parlor for whatever reason, our
outcall massage service is the answer! All of our very female masseuses are available for outcalls to all of areas of Singapore whether to your home or hotel.
We understand that some people have very hectic working schedules and therefore it can quite often be lot more convenient to get one of our female masseuses to visit you. It is also a great way to relax with one of our tantric masseuses who will leave you feeling totally refreshed and relaxed.

Our outcall massage service is also popular for those that are visiting Singapore on business or perhaps just for a short break either from overseas or somewhere else in the Singapore. Our sensual masseuses usually can be booked at quite short notice and so is always worth giving us a try to see if we have some availability.

We cover a wide range of
different sensual services for outcall massage.

If you have a special request for your outcall massage or a different form of therapy not listed. Please contact us anyway as we may have something else that we offer. 

If you would like to book yourself in for a special outcall massage service then please get in touch with us today at (65) 9245 8556

What is Conditional and Unconditional Love


Unconditional love is love with no demands or requirements – love without need. Unconditional love is really the only love. Conditional love is not love.
The purest form of love is love in the present moment. It’s for Now, which is the only moment we have really.  Deep love is feeling deeply connected and united with your lover. How many other definitions of love are there?

Have you ever been so totally in the present moment that time stopped, the rest of the world ceased to exist, except for you and your lover? And you connected on all levels – physical, emotional mental and spiritual, in mutual bliss and ecstasy? Even for a moment? You felt totally at one with everything, floating freely, unencumbered by thoughts or physicality, feeling indescribably good? When you “came back” (where did you go?!) and you are in euphoric bliss, relaxed yet invigorated, happy to be SO alive!

We search outside ourselves for love, for sex, for happiness, for fulfilment, and yet when we tune in to ourselves, go into our own body – using sexual energy to direct our flow of breath, we can find a magic space, our loving place, where we can just BE ourselves. We are not human DOINGS, we are Human Be-ings!

So to love yourself unconditionally, take away all the judgement you have for yourself. See and feel your Self as a new lover experiences you – with positive flattery, loving words, special gifts, sensual touch.

1) All the things you want your lover to say – write them down, or say them to yourself out loud. Record them, or ask a friend to record them for you. Write erotic and romantic poetry – to yourself, for yourself – as your special lover read it and feel the love.

2) Go out looking for special gifts for your lover – write a list of things you would love to receive from your special lover. It can be quality time – where you just spend time together, phones off, talking, cuddling, connecting. It can be flowers, chocolates, dinner dates, house cleaning, a back scratch, a hug, an ice-cream. 

3) Think about being a queen or a king for a day. What would you ask of your consort, of your servants? Food, wine, special clothes, toys, pleasure, pampering, sex or love? How DO you “spoil” yourself? How WOULD you spoil yourself?

4) Would you like to touch or be touched? A massage, sensual, pampering, erotic or sexual? Would giving or receiving provide you with more pleasure? Do you just want to hold hands, have your face stroked or your whole body pleasured by your lover, your friend or your self? A luxurious spa bath, a facial, head massage or just to be held in someone’s arms with love?

We all want to feel loved. So how do you actually feel love and loved now? Whenever you want to – just ask!  It can be family, friend, lover.

How do I ask for love? Well – it’s easy. Choose a special person and say “I would like to share some love with you. Are you willing to just sit and hold me in your arms for 10 minutes? Perhaps stroke my hair or my face gently, like you would a child” and if they want to, you can do the same for them.

Be in the moment. Ask for what you want. Breathe it in, then give some positive appreciation and thanks to them. Appreciate the person for giving you some of their time and some of their love, which you value, (or else you wouldn’t have chosen them). Thank them for their precious gift.

The flow of love is the most powerful energy – so start it flowing – smile at people, feel happy and mischievous for no particular reason, explore loving your friends and family unconditionally. Surprise them with your joy and positive encouragement so they can be inspired and pass it on to others with love.

The Scientifically Proven Benefits of Different Massage Techniques

Everyone knows that massage based therapy feels amazing and makes them more relaxed, but not as many people know that massage has many scientifically proven health benefits. As more massage therapists explore new ways to make their patients feel better, the health benefits will be even more apparent.

Check out this chart data sourced from
Canadian Community Health Survey

March 2019
February 2019
February 2014
June 2013
February 2013
October 2012