What is Conditional and Unconditional Love


Unconditional love is love with no demands or requirements – love without need. Unconditional love is really the only love. Conditional love is not love.
The purest form of love is love in the present moment. It’s for Now, which is the only moment we have really.  Deep love is feeling deeply connected and united with your lover. How many other definitions of love are there?

Have you ever been so totally in the present moment that time stopped, the rest of the world ceased to exist, except for you and your lover? And you connected on all levels – physical, emotional mental and spiritual, in mutual bliss and ecstasy? Even for a moment? You felt totally at one with everything, floating freely, unencumbered by thoughts or physicality, feeling indescribably good? When you “came back” (where did you go?!) and you are in euphoric bliss, relaxed yet invigorated, happy to be SO alive!

We search outside ourselves for love, for sex, for happiness, for fulfilment, and yet when we tune in to ourselves, go into our own body – using sexual energy to direct our flow of breath, we can find a magic space, our loving place, where we can just BE ourselves. We are not human DOINGS, we are Human Be-ings!

So to love yourself unconditionally, take away all the judgement you have for yourself. See and feel your Self as a new lover experiences you – with positive flattery, loving words, special gifts, sensual touch.

1) All the things you want your lover to say – write them down, or say them to yourself out loud. Record them, or ask a friend to record them for you. Write erotic and romantic poetry – to yourself, for yourself – as your special lover read it and feel the love.

2) Go out looking for special gifts for your lover – write a list of things you would love to receive from your special lover. It can be quality time – where you just spend time together, phones off, talking, cuddling, connecting. It can be flowers, chocolates, dinner dates, house cleaning, a back scratch, a hug, an ice-cream. 

3) Think about being a queen or a king for a day. What would you ask of your consort, of your servants? Food, wine, special clothes, toys, pleasure, pampering, sex or love? How DO you “spoil” yourself? How WOULD you spoil yourself?

4) Would you like to touch or be touched? A massage, sensual, pampering, erotic or sexual? Would giving or receiving provide you with more pleasure? Do you just want to hold hands, have your face stroked or your whole body pleasured by your lover, your friend or your self? A luxurious spa bath, a facial, head massage or just to be held in someone’s arms with love?

We all want to feel loved. So how do you actually feel love and loved now? Whenever you want to – just ask!  It can be family, friend, lover.

How do I ask for love? Well – it’s easy. Choose a special person and say “I would like to share some love with you. Are you willing to just sit and hold me in your arms for 10 minutes? Perhaps stroke my hair or my face gently, like you would a child” and if they want to, you can do the same for them.

Be in the moment. Ask for what you want. Breathe it in, then give some positive appreciation and thanks to them. Appreciate the person for giving you some of their time and some of their love, which you value, (or else you wouldn’t have chosen them). Thank them for their precious gift.

The flow of love is the most powerful energy – so start it flowing – smile at people, feel happy and mischievous for no particular reason, explore loving your friends and family unconditionally. Surprise them with your joy and positive encouragement so they can be inspired and pass it on to others with love.

The Scientifically Proven Benefits of Different Massage Techniques

Everyone knows that massage based therapy feels amazing and makes them more relaxed, but not as many people know that massage has many scientifically proven health benefits. As more massage therapists explore new ways to make their patients feel better, the health benefits will be even more apparent.

Check out this chart data sourced from
Canadian Community Health Survey


The Tradition of Tantra Massage


Tantra is a revolutionary approach to life that offers us to live life with intensity and awareness. With Tantra we go through life by saying “yes”. It is an attitude towards life, always staying open and alert to the deeper content of our experiences. It is a state of acceptance where we include and embrace life in order to expand the consciousness and horizons of our being.

It is nowadays a common misunderstanding that Tantra is only a set of erotic exercises, only possible for acrobats, or a set of mental exercises without erotic union. The erotic part of Tantra is around 10 % of a whole science of how to live life. Therefore sexuality is a natural part of Tantra, just as natural as the wisdom of how to be happy and healthy. Tantra teaches that everything is energy and how to use, increase and refine energy in our lives in all areas.

The tantric approach on sexuality

Due to the enormous intensity of this erotic union, the consciousness of both partners develops and fuses, at the beginning between them selves and later with the Cosmic Consciousness. The indescribable beatitude then felt embraces all things and beings. All that still subsists is a never-ending thirst for unity, only a Lover and a Loved-one. Tantra is a genuine and exceptional path which puts sexuality in its right place, recreating the missing spiritual dimension of the sexual experience.

This practice expands the human consciousness to the greatest extent and considerably enriches the knowledge of Man and the Universe. Tantra is much more than an old rediscovered wisdom from the East and much more than a theoretical science. Tantra is a practical path with clear steps, ready to be taken by the ones hungry to experience and understand the full potential of life.

Controlling the sexual energy

One of the Tantric, essential deeds, is to have full control over the sexual energy, which makes it possible to experience orgasms in the whole body without ejaculating. The orgasm and the ejaculation are 2 different mechanisms. The orgasm comes first with a great amount of energy and pleasure which can attract the ejaculation and therefore it is a general misunderstanding that these are one and the same process.

But a gradual training can separate these 2 mechanisms, which makes the man able to experience long lasting multiple orgasms, without loosing one drop of seamen and the woman to have deep orgasms without any discharge of energy. We can through the Tantric lovemaking build up more pleasure and intensity, which leaves us full of energy instead of being exhausted. On the contrary we will obtain and regenerate a lot of energy. And the communion in the couple relationship will become deeper and create more love and happiness. The man will become more masculine, be able to experience more pleasure, get control over his energy and be fully present with his woman. The woman will become more feminine, open herself for deeper orgasms, become able to let go and surrender to the man.

How to experience tantra through massage

The Tantra Massage is a deeply relaxing, rejuvenating and healing experience that awakens your sensitivity and energy, and increases your capacity to experience more pleasure.
In the Tantra Massage the erotic energy is awakened in a controlled way, where the energy is spread out in the body and used as a way to heal the body, mind and soul. In stead of loosing energy through ejaculation and explosive orgasms, you will learn to circulate and raise the erotic energy to even higher states of pleasure and be fully energized and satisfied on all levels.

Embarking upon the Tantric journey


Embarking upon the Tantric journey will lead us through unknown and very interesting regions inside our being. It is a journey of discovery in which we will discover the Whole Universe inside each of us.

In the last few decades, Tantra has awoken the curiosity of the West not so much as a spiritual method to access ecstatic and deeply spiritual experiences, but rather as a means to become an Olympian in the bedroom! Making love for hours in a row is a reality and a genuine art anyone can learn, with the condition the person is tenacious, patient and has will power. However, Tantra is not solely about being a Titan in the bedroom, nor about jumping upside down and contorting ourselves in gymnastic lovemaking positions, but it does open up the gateway to wonderful lovemaking, where there is more control, beauty and transfiguration, and we can access much more refined and sublime states of consciousness and we can reach a more elevated vision of reality. Tantra does not aim at breaking records, but is a very clear path to learn to manifest real love.

Those people who have experienced extraordinary, even ecstatic experiences during love making know that they feel much more than physical pleasure. It may occur as a unique experience or lived many times through lovemaking. There are people who many times in their lives experience spontaneous states of ecstasy ,but do not share these experiences, because they fear that others might consider them to be a little crazy, or that they are exaggerating. Sometimes this experience occurs during love making when a powerful orgasm or a profound mystical state develops. Sometimes, we don’t know how to describe this state, we ask if it actually happened or whether we were dreaming, but something tells us that indeed, this state is very real.

Although, many people believe that these experiences occur by chance, actually they are quite well defined structurally. If we know what to do we can achieve these states, through our own efforts and practice. There are certain ingredients and recipes which help to create this reality. During such experiences, there is a total merging of love and eroticism, which opens up the entrance to the ecstasy of pure love. We want you to know that mystical ecstatic experiences are not just for the saints and enlightened beings, but are accessible to everyone, as long as the techniques and wisdom are practised with clarity and discernment as expounded by the Ancient Tantric Teachings.

The Tantrics say there are certain human qualities that make the journey of self discovery much easier:

1) Curiosity: be like a curious child, free of any preconceived ideas and prejudices, seeking to discover the world – both inside and outside.

2) Enthusiasm.

3) Courage: when we approach areas unfamiliar to our previous experience we can be confronted with a daunted feeling. Having the courage to venture into the unknown will help you to make big steps.

4) Mental flexibility: Tantra is the path of saying ‘Yes’ to life. This requires a mental flexibility and the elimination of all prejudices and preconceived ideas, in order to embrace the full experience of what it has to offer.

Can Tantric Massage experience multiple orgasms?

Tantric Massage can be a pathway to experiencing multiple orgasms. The experience of an orgasm often bookmarks the end of a sensual experience. However the experience of a much deeper, full release leading to a multiple orgasm is a sensation that can be experienced through Tantric massage and can benefit intimate pleasure by;

• Enabling the intimacy to last longer as you experience techniques to prolong sensations of arousal

• Experiencing a deeper awakening of your sexual energy that can lead to a multiple orgasm

• Learning to have ejaculation control and the ability to get in sync with your partner

Tantric massage techniques are very valuable in leading you to experience orgasm control with the potential of a deeper orgasm for men and for women through delaying the initial orgasm, prolonging the experience with Tantric techniques.

Tantric massage incorporates full body massage, with simple rhythmic breathing, exploring the whole body and stimulating the intimate pleasure zones through massage in a way that prolongs the pleasure experienced. The idea is to be fully relaxed through massage allowing you to be submerged in to a blissed out state where the arousal experience can be fully appreciated as you receive the loving touch of your Tantric partner.

A much deeper and fuller release can send waves of energy flowing throughout the whole body. Many in Singapore have experience this full body orgasm as they experience a deeper, more “full” sensation of release.

The Tantric orgasm is not a rushed one, allowing time for your whole body to unwind, finding a relaxed space, enabling you to open up to a slow burn of arousal, coming up to the point of orgasm, stopping just before the point of no return and after a few minutes of rest beginning the arousal experience again, repeating this many times to lead to a deep, full release with the potential of a multiple orgasm.

There are some good resources that can begin your exploration of Tantric techniques, we have found these two books in particular to be excellent resources that give a good foundation for the Tantra ethos and practical guidance.

“Lingham massage, awakening male sexual energy” by Michaela Riedl and Jurgen Becker, and “Yoni Massage, awakening female sexual energy” by Michaela Riedl.

To experience an authentic Tantric massage if you want the convenient of not reading books. You are welcome to make an appointment with us i Tantric Singapore and start exploring the joy of a
Tantric massage in Singapore.

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