Can Tantric Massage experience multiple orgasms?

Tantric Massage can be a pathway to experiencing multiple orgasms. The experience of an orgasm often bookmarks the end of a sensual experience. However the experience of a much deeper, full release leading to a multiple orgasm is a sensation that can be experienced through Tantric massage and can benefit intimate pleasure by;

• Enabling the intimacy to last longer as you experience techniques to prolong sensations of arousal

• Experiencing a deeper awakening of your sexual energy that can lead to a multiple orgasm

• Learning to have ejaculation control and the ability to get in sync with your partner

Tantric massage techniques are very valuable in leading you to experience orgasm control with the potential of a deeper orgasm for men and for women through delaying the initial orgasm, prolonging the experience with Tantric techniques.

Tantric massage incorporates full body massage, with simple rhythmic breathing, exploring the whole body and stimulating the intimate pleasure zones through massage in a way that prolongs the pleasure experienced. The idea is to be fully relaxed through massage allowing you to be submerged in to a blissed out state where the arousal experience can be fully appreciated as you receive the loving touch of your Tantric partner.

A much deeper and fuller release can send waves of energy flowing throughout the whole body. Many in Singapore have experience this full body orgasm as they experience a deeper, more “full” sensation of release.

The Tantric orgasm is not a rushed one, allowing time for your whole body to unwind, finding a relaxed space, enabling you to open up to a slow burn of arousal, coming up to the point of orgasm, stopping just before the point of no return and after a few minutes of rest beginning the arousal experience again, repeating this many times to lead to a deep, full release with the potential of a multiple orgasm.

There are some good resources that can begin your exploration of Tantric techniques, we have found these two books in particular to be excellent resources that give a good foundation for the Tantra ethos and practical guidance.

“Lingham massage, awakening male sexual energy” by Michaela Riedl and Jurgen Becker, and “Yoni Massage, awakening female sexual energy” by Michaela Riedl.

To experience an authentic Tantric massage if you want the convenient of not reading books. You are welcome to make an appointment with us i Tantric Singapore and start exploring the joy of a
Tantric massage in Singapore.

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