Embarking upon the Tantric journey


Embarking upon the Tantric journey will lead us through unknown and very interesting regions inside our being. It is a journey of discovery in which we will discover the Whole Universe inside each of us.

In the last few decades, Tantra has awoken the curiosity of the West not so much as a spiritual method to access ecstatic and deeply spiritual experiences, but rather as a means to become an Olympian in the bedroom! Making love for hours in a row is a reality and a genuine art anyone can learn, with the condition the person is tenacious, patient and has will power. However, Tantra is not solely about being a Titan in the bedroom, nor about jumping upside down and contorting ourselves in gymnastic lovemaking positions, but it does open up the gateway to wonderful lovemaking, where there is more control, beauty and transfiguration, and we can access much more refined and sublime states of consciousness and we can reach a more elevated vision of reality. Tantra does not aim at breaking records, but is a very clear path to learn to manifest real love.

Those people who have experienced extraordinary, even ecstatic experiences during love making know that they feel much more than physical pleasure. It may occur as a unique experience or lived many times through lovemaking. There are people who many times in their lives experience spontaneous states of ecstasy ,but do not share these experiences, because they fear that others might consider them to be a little crazy, or that they are exaggerating. Sometimes this experience occurs during love making when a powerful orgasm or a profound mystical state develops. Sometimes, we don’t know how to describe this state, we ask if it actually happened or whether we were dreaming, but something tells us that indeed, this state is very real.

Although, many people believe that these experiences occur by chance, actually they are quite well defined structurally. If we know what to do we can achieve these states, through our own efforts and practice. There are certain ingredients and recipes which help to create this reality. During such experiences, there is a total merging of love and eroticism, which opens up the entrance to the ecstasy of pure love. We want you to know that mystical ecstatic experiences are not just for the saints and enlightened beings, but are accessible to everyone, as long as the techniques and wisdom are practised with clarity and discernment as expounded by the Ancient Tantric Teachings.

The Tantrics say there are certain human qualities that make the journey of self discovery much easier:

1) Curiosity: be like a curious child, free of any preconceived ideas and prejudices, seeking to discover the world – both inside and outside.

2) Enthusiasm.

3) Courage: when we approach areas unfamiliar to our previous experience we can be confronted with a daunted feeling. Having the courage to venture into the unknown will help you to make big steps.

4) Mental flexibility: Tantra is the path of saying ‘Yes’ to life. This requires a mental flexibility and the elimination of all prejudices and preconceived ideas, in order to embrace the full experience of what it has to offer.

Can Tantric Massage experience multiple orgasms?

Tantric Massage can be a pathway to experiencing multiple orgasms. The experience of an orgasm often bookmarks the end of a sensual experience. However the experience of a much deeper, full release leading to a multiple orgasm is a sensation that can be experienced through Tantric massage and can benefit intimate pleasure by;

• Enabling the intimacy to last longer as you experience techniques to prolong sensations of arousal

• Experiencing a deeper awakening of your sexual energy that can lead to a multiple orgasm

• Learning to have ejaculation control and the ability to get in sync with your partner

Tantric massage techniques are very valuable in leading you to experience orgasm control with the potential of a deeper orgasm for men and for women through delaying the initial orgasm, prolonging the experience with Tantric techniques.

Tantric massage incorporates full body massage, with simple rhythmic breathing, exploring the whole body and stimulating the intimate pleasure zones through massage in a way that prolongs the pleasure experienced. The idea is to be fully relaxed through massage allowing you to be submerged in to a blissed out state where the arousal experience can be fully appreciated as you receive the loving touch of your Tantric partner.

A much deeper and fuller release can send waves of energy flowing throughout the whole body. Many in Singapore have experience this full body orgasm as they experience a deeper, more “full” sensation of release.

The Tantric orgasm is not a rushed one, allowing time for your whole body to unwind, finding a relaxed space, enabling you to open up to a slow burn of arousal, coming up to the point of orgasm, stopping just before the point of no return and after a few minutes of rest beginning the arousal experience again, repeating this many times to lead to a deep, full release with the potential of a multiple orgasm.

There are some good resources that can begin your exploration of Tantric techniques, we have found these two books in particular to be excellent resources that give a good foundation for the Tantra ethos and practical guidance.

“Lingham massage, awakening male sexual energy” by Michaela Riedl and Jurgen Becker, and “Yoni Massage, awakening female sexual energy” by Michaela Riedl.

To experience an authentic Tantric massage if you want the convenient of not reading books. You are welcome to make an appointment with us i Tantric Singapore and start exploring the joy of a
Tantric massage in Singapore.

Tantric massage Gift Voucher for Singapore Birthday

Sometimes people call me to book a Tantric massage in Singapore appointment for someone else, as a present for Christmas or a birthday etc.

I never make that booking. At best I may offer a gift voucher for a Tantric massage in Singapore or a Yoni massage, but I will strongly recommend the person to consider it well before paying for it. I will explain my reasons for it.

First of all, a Tantric massage is a very specific kind of experience. No matter how well you know the person, you simply cannot guess what they will think of this idea. They may have even explicitly stated their interest in a Tantric massage in Singapore but from my experience things get very much considered anew when one is actually to go for one. Lots of factors go into this decision, so your gift voucher for a Tantric massage can become an awkward gift to receive. It is essential that people choose this experience of their own accord without feeling an obligation to someone else.

Secondly, even if a person would like a Tantric massage, it matters a lot where they go and who they will receive it from. Personal connection in massage parlors is important but some prefers outcall. A gift voucher for a Tantric massage will be chosen without the recipient’s personal choice in mind.

When a Tantric massage gift voucher is for a man there is an extra consideration – it can only be an open-ended gift voucher, not an appointment fixed for a particular day. Men have to take into account their time of the month. They also generally like to choose the best time for something so intimate, taking into account many factors. So it really isn’t a decision that should be taken for them.

When I get called for a gift voucher for a
Tantric massage in Singapore I normally recommend to go about it the following way: suggest in some way that you have inquired and if they would like this present you will finalise the arrangement, but have another present on standby.

Written by John Lee
A Satisfied Client of i Tantric

Healing Blockages Or Blocks In Sexual Energy Or Kundalini In Singapore

Many people turn to Tantric massage, Yoni massage, or any kind of Tantric therapies and teachings because they feel they need to heal blockages or blocks in sex.
Often, this is because they have heard somewhere, or have been recommended to, heal a sexual issue as if it was a problem with a chi meridian.
The expectation is then that once the person with the problem visits a Tantric sexual healer, the Tantric massage or Yoni massage performed by the Tantric sexual healer will act almost a medical procedure on the energy system to remove the blockages or blocks in sexual energy or kundalini in the body. The client will consequently be able to enjoy her or his sex life more – improvement with desire, orgasms, pleasures, etc.
Unfortunately, this is a rather unreal view of reality. Sexual blocks or blockages do not get healed this way. Block or blockages in sexual energy or kundalini can only be talked of as a metaphor. No physical energy gets blocked anywhere in the body waiting to be uncorked.
Rather, to heal blocks or blockages in sexual energy or kundalini means to learn how your sexuality can flow more freely and be more fulfilling, how to have a sex life that doesn’t present obstacles. Most sexual energy or kundalini blocks are psychological, some form of conditioning that doesn’t allow a person to be free or to feel enough. Some negative phenomena might interfere, such as fear or anger. Often there is a physical component to it too – the body is affected and can not feel enough, or feels pain.
The real process of healing a block or blockage in sexual energy or kundalini is not in allowing a sexual healer to passively uncork some imaginary chi in a chakra. The real process of healing sexual energy blockages is in learning how to empower your sexual energy physically, emotionally, mentally, and in the process removing the restrictions that you find yourself in. It is essentially a process of education.
Indeed, a professional
Tantric massage or Yoni massage in Singapore is probably the best tool to heal blockages of sexual energy. However, it does so through educating a client how to be in her sexual energy, rather than having her passively receive a medical procedure.

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