Healing Blockages Or Blocks In Sexual Energy Or Kundalini In Singapore

Many people turn to Tantric massage, Yoni massage, or any kind of Tantric therapies and teachings because they feel they need to heal blockages or blocks in sex.
Often, this is because they have heard somewhere, or have been recommended to, heal a sexual issue as if it was a problem with a chi meridian.
The expectation is then that once the person with the problem visits a Tantric sexual healer, the Tantric massage or Yoni massage performed by the Tantric sexual healer will act almost a medical procedure on the energy system to remove the blockages or blocks in sexual energy or kundalini in the body. The client will consequently be able to enjoy her or his sex life more – improvement with desire, orgasms, pleasures, etc.
Unfortunately, this is a rather unreal view of reality. Sexual blocks or blockages do not get healed this way. Block or blockages in sexual energy or kundalini can only be talked of as a metaphor. No physical energy gets blocked anywhere in the body waiting to be uncorked.
Rather, to heal blocks or blockages in sexual energy or kundalini means to learn how your sexuality can flow more freely and be more fulfilling, how to have a sex life that doesn’t present obstacles. Most sexual energy or kundalini blocks are psychological, some form of conditioning that doesn’t allow a person to be free or to feel enough. Some negative phenomena might interfere, such as fear or anger. Often there is a physical component to it too – the body is affected and can not feel enough, or feels pain.
The real process of healing a block or blockage in sexual energy or kundalini is not in allowing a sexual healer to passively uncork some imaginary chi in a chakra. The real process of healing sexual energy blockages is in learning how to empower your sexual energy physically, emotionally, mentally, and in the process removing the restrictions that you find yourself in. It is essentially a process of education.
Indeed, a professional
Tantric massage or Yoni massage in Singapore is probably the best tool to heal blockages of sexual energy. However, it does so through educating a client how to be in her sexual energy, rather than having her passively receive a medical procedure.
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