Embarking upon the Tantric journey


Embarking upon the Tantric journey will lead us through unknown and very interesting regions inside our being. It is a journey of discovery in which we will discover the Whole Universe inside each of us.

In the last few decades, Tantra has awoken the curiosity of the West not so much as a spiritual method to access ecstatic and deeply spiritual experiences, but rather as a means to become an Olympian in the bedroom! Making love for hours in a row is a reality and a genuine art anyone can learn, with the condition the person is tenacious, patient and has will power. However, Tantra is not solely about being a Titan in the bedroom, nor about jumping upside down and contorting ourselves in gymnastic lovemaking positions, but it does open up the gateway to wonderful lovemaking, where there is more control, beauty and transfiguration, and we can access much more refined and sublime states of consciousness and we can reach a more elevated vision of reality. Tantra does not aim at breaking records, but is a very clear path to learn to manifest real love.

Those people who have experienced extraordinary, even ecstatic experiences during love making know that they feel much more than physical pleasure. It may occur as a unique experience or lived many times through lovemaking. There are people who many times in their lives experience spontaneous states of ecstasy ,but do not share these experiences, because they fear that others might consider them to be a little crazy, or that they are exaggerating. Sometimes this experience occurs during love making when a powerful orgasm or a profound mystical state develops. Sometimes, we don’t know how to describe this state, we ask if it actually happened or whether we were dreaming, but something tells us that indeed, this state is very real.

Although, many people believe that these experiences occur by chance, actually they are quite well defined structurally. If we know what to do we can achieve these states, through our own efforts and practice. There are certain ingredients and recipes which help to create this reality. During such experiences, there is a total merging of love and eroticism, which opens up the entrance to the ecstasy of pure love. We want you to know that mystical ecstatic experiences are not just for the saints and enlightened beings, but are accessible to everyone, as long as the techniques and wisdom are practised with clarity and discernment as expounded by the Ancient Tantric Teachings.

The Tantrics say there are certain human qualities that make the journey of self discovery much easier:

1) Curiosity: be like a curious child, free of any preconceived ideas and prejudices, seeking to discover the world – both inside and outside.

2) Enthusiasm.

3) Courage: when we approach areas unfamiliar to our previous experience we can be confronted with a daunted feeling. Having the courage to venture into the unknown will help you to make big steps.

4) Mental flexibility: Tantra is the path of saying ‘Yes’ to life. This requires a mental flexibility and the elimination of all prejudices and preconceived ideas, in order to embrace the full experience of what it has to offer.
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